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“If you define the problem correctly,
you almost have the solution.” ~ Steve Jobs

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from the book Clean Code by Robert Martin Small Make it small, and then smaller. Do One Thing FUNCTIONS SHOULD DO ONE THING. THEY SHOULD DO IT WELL. THEY SHOULD[…]

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Salesforce Lightning Web Components

Source: Quick Start: Lightning Web Components Setting Up the Environment Sign up to Salesforce Developers Edition – Install Salesforce CLIInstall Visual CodeInstall Salesforce Extension for Visual Code Create Lightning[…]

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Meaningful Names

from the book Clean Code by Robert Martin Use Intention Revealing Name Name variables and function that will answer the question why it exist. Avoid Disinformation Do not use “accountList”[…]

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Don’t take my word for it – here’s what people say:

Thanks for taking initiative for us having an online presence, it will really build our credibility to our customers.

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Startup Weekend Bohol 2014.

Yes, i love creating impact!

“I remember when I was at that event, it was so fun and cool that we came up with our own minimum viable products where we innovate stuff using technology so we can make peoples life better.”

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