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Month: July 2019

It's all about problemSolving()


from the book Clean Code by Robert Martin Small Make it small, and then smaller. Do One Thing FUNCTIONS SHOULD DO ONE THING. THEY SHOULD DO IT WELL. THEY SHOULD DO IT ONLY. To Be Continued…

Salesforce Lightning Web Components

Source: Quick Start: Lightning Web Components Setting Up the Environment Sign up to Salesforce Developers Edition – Install Salesforce CLI Install Visual Code Install Salesforce Extension for Visual Code Create Lightning Web Component Ctrl + shift + P then type SFDX: Create Project. – this will build the pre-build project scaffolding SFDX: Authorize an…
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Meaningful Names

from the book Clean Code by Robert Martin Use Intention Revealing Name Name variables and function that will answer the question why it exist. Avoid Disinformation Do not use “accountList” if account is not stored in a list Lowercase “L” and uppercase “o” is an awful example of disinformation Make Meaningful Names a1 and a2…
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Tips on Skills Assessment for Software Engineering

The following are the key points needs to be considered on skills assessment: Code Hygiene Coding practice – Finish up the book Clean Coding and apply every time you code Unit Testing More Design Patterns and their Usage – Head First Design Patterns Planning System Architecture – Learn to technically discuss system architectures using diagrams…
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Questions on Skills Assessment for Software Engineering

Here are the following questions i heard from my skills assessment: General tell me about yourself / what do you currently do? what’s your goal 2 to 3 years from now what are the common challenges you encountered in a team? Front-End what is the difference between arrow function & anonymous function/ regular function? what…
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