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Meaningful Names

It's all about problemSolving()

Meaningful Names

from the book Clean Code by Robert Martin

Use Intention Revealing Name

Name variables and function that will answer the question why it exist.

Avoid Disinformation

  • Do not use “accountList” if account is not stored in a list
  • Lowercase “L” and uppercase “o” is an awful example of disinformation

Make Meaningful Names

  • a1 and a2 are non informative variables. there is no clue of the authors intention.
  • If you have product class, using productInfo and productData are only noise words. info and data are noise.
  • Datatype should not appear in variable name like NameString and CustomerObject class, name and customer is enough

Use Searchable Names

Use searchable names, single letter is NOT an advisable name since single letter can have many instance in a file, it will be hard for you to search.

Avoid Encoding

Before, compilers does not check type, that’s why programmers used to add type in variable name like strName.

Members Prefix

Prefix is not needed since it is advised that classes and function short be small enough that you don’t need it.

Class Names

Should be a noun or a noun phrase, NOT a verb

Method Names

  • Should be verb or verb phrase like postPayment, deletePage or save
  • Accessors, mutators, and predicates should be named by their value with prefix get, set, and is like getName, setName, isActive.

Don’t Be Cute

Choose clarity over entertainment/humor
e.g: holyHandGrenade when it should be deleteItems

Pick One Word per Concept

  • fetch, retrieve, get
  • DriverManager and protocolController, one must be choose from this.

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