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Salesforce Lightning Web Components

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Salesforce Lightning Web Components

Source: Quick Start: Lightning Web Components

Setting Up the Environment

Create Lightning Web Component

  • Ctrl + shift + P
  • then type SFDX: Create Project. – this will build the pre-build project scaffolding
  • SFDX: Authorize an Org – this will let you log in to your org
  • SFDX: Create Lightning Web Component – this will let you create the component bundle:
  • right click to the default folder and click SFDX: Deploy Source to Org

Add Component to App Lightning Experience

  • type SFDX: Open Default Org
  • go to Sales Tab
  • Edit the page then drag the custom component
  • save – activate – assign as org default – save – then back.

Yey! you now have your custom lightning web component integrated to Salesforce.

Thanks to Trailhead.

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