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Tips on Skills Assessment for Software Engineering

It's all about problemSolving()

Tips on Skills Assessment for Software Engineering

The following are the key points needs to be considered on skills assessment:

Code Hygiene

  • Coding practice – Finish up the book Clean Coding and apply every time you code
  • Unit Testing
  • More Design Patterns and their Usage – Head First Design Patterns


  • System Architecture – Learn to technically discuss system architectures using diagrams (e.g: UML)
  • Breaking down tasks into granular pieces and putting in the required time for each, adding User Acceptance Criteria, etc.


  • Try out different databases, both SQL (postgres, mysql, mssql) and NoSQL (MongoDb, MariaDb, etc..)


  • Continuous Integration and Deployment – Integration (development) to Staging (QA) and Staging (QA) to Production (LIVE)


  • Create multiple side projects to build on your skills with the above listed things
  • Try to build a chatting app or some real-time pushing of data back and forth


  • What is the program trying to solve?
  • what us the spec of the program?


  • Docker
  • AWS

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